Filler and Fan Art

Fan Art from Others

These two pieces were made by Roy Duncan, creator of "The Villain Next Door" webcomic

This was created by a user named "Subs" for a fan art contest. I haven't heard from him in a long time.

This was created by Deidre "Pit_Face" Crouch, who does the webcomic "Putrid Meat"

This was a sketch made by Rebecca Burg, aka Drluck, the creator of "A Loonatic's Tale" and other comics, at a convention I went to

And this is my traced version of same sketch

This was made by Genejoke. He draws the comic Malefic and other comics, including Cubicle, another comic I write

Fan Art by me for others

This was made for "Putrid Meat", a webcomic worth checking out

This was made for the comic "Modest Medusa", after it was featured on Drunk Duck's front page

Early Drawings

This is the first ever drawing of Drannik and Lizzep I ever did, or at least a prototype of them

These are the earliest color drawings of the main characters

Early Digital Work

This is an early T-shirt design I did with my tablet.

This is the very first thing I drew digitally. Obviously, I grew into it.

This was an introduction to the digital method I would later use for Negligence

Book Related Items

This is the cover and also the preface pages for Negligence: Origins, my first book

This is the cover for the book Negligence: The First Fifty-Three, my second book

And, of course, this is my first royalty check from said book

This was a sort-of children's book I made using the story arc where Lizzep discusses how her parents died. These versions of these pages ended up as a bonus feature in Negligence: The First Fifty-Three

Negligence Animated sketches

This was an ad made for the defunct Negligence animated pilot.

These character designs were made by Mike Pallister. I'm not sure what happened to him, so these character designs are all that remains of the Negligence animated pilot.


This was the first T-shirt ad I did, inspired by a famous National Lampoon cover

This is the second T-shirt ad I made, after I ordered the T-shirts for myself

A closer look at the last panel

The First Remakes

These were used for the Lizzep and Drannik break-up story arc, and are remade versions of earlier comics. I say first remakes because they were remade again later on.





Art Pieces

This was made for an illustration class I took back in 2008

This was part of a Life Drawing class I was taking, so that's why the center picture is a self portrait

This was made to promote a program called "Ranger Read". Ranger Read is a program where college freshmen learn the basics of college reading and research around one book. The year this was made, the book was Maus II, a comic book, and other cartoonists along with myself made something to promote the program.

Negligence Nitpicks

Because sometimes I am my own worst critic

Miscellanious Odds and Ends

These include T-shirt designs or other random crap featuring the Negligence characters

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