Age: 5
First Appearance: Negligence #1
Last Appearance: Negligence #518
Likes: Art, Metal, Oscar the Grouch, King Mutie, anarchy, Lizzep
Dislikes: Authority, the Guardian, school, Elmo, Ojmiz
Background: A disturbed yet shy child who believes his rabbit speaks to him, telling him to do really naughty things. He has incredibly high intelligence despite wasting most of his day watching TV. He thinks very little of adults and how they often talk down to him just because he's a child. Often times, Drannik fantasizes about maiming his negligent guardian because he just cannot believe that Social Services could let a kid live in the environment that he has lived in for so many years. His favorite TV shows are Sesame Street and Dexter, and his favorite music is anything he doesn't think is crap. His idol is Oscar the Grouch because of "his no-bullshit attitude about life on the streets" and his least favorite Sesame Street character is Elmo "because he's a goddamn sellout".


Age: 6
First Appearance: Negligence #3
Last Appearance: Negligence #518
Likes: Rebelliousness, Holy Moses, Metroid, Drannik
Dislikes: Oppression, school, assholes, the Guardian, Ojmiz
Background: A sweet yet mischievous little girl who really loves Drannik despite the fact that technically they are brother and sister, at least according to the state. Although cynical, unlike Drannik she doesn't let her cynicism boil over into internal rage. Despite that, she still can't stand most things that are popular, Miley Cyrus being a prime example. Instead, she prefers the wall of noise that is Holy Moses because Sabina Claussen is a major role model for her. She is also a fan of any "kick-ass chick" like Samus Aran from Metroid for the same reason. Lizzep's a little bit of a troublemaker, but she always looks out for Drannik no matter what.

Marilyn Susan (M.S.) Ojmiz

Age: 6
First Appearance: Negligence #71
Last Appearance: Negligence #517
Likes: Hipster rock, boys, authority, being a bitch, Jameel
Dislikes: Lizzep (though that could stem from jealousy), ugly people, not getting her way
Background: Ojmiz is a spoiled, uppity child who thinks she rules the school. Drannik and Lizzep run into her the first day of school and immediately dislike her. Although she is disliked by many people, she doesn't notice as most people kiss her ass constantly. However, there might be more to her than meets the eye.


Age: 8
First Appearance: Negligence #159
Last Appearance: Negligence #517
Likes: Girls (especially the cute white ones), punk, reggae, Public Enemy (despite Flavor Flav), rebellion
Dislikes: The man, intolerance, being called "African-American" when he's neither, being pigeonholed just because he's black, people who compare him to Goku because of his haircut, being confused about his identity
Background: Jameel is the child of Drannik's father, but a different mother, so he's only Drannik's half-brother. Because his father was British and his mother was Jamaican, he prides himself on being "Jamaican-British" instead of "African-American". Living in Chicago for most of his life, Jameel saved Drannik from the fire-bombing of the cult compound that killed Drannik's parents. Instead of saying the "N" word, Jameel prefers to say "ninja please" so as to not make him a hypocrite when it comes to matters of the "N" word. Jameel loves the ladies, and is not afraid to admit as such.

Negligent Guardian

Age: Who knows, who cares
First Appearance: Negligence #1
Last Appearance: Negligence #512
Likes: Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, money, whoring
Dislikes: having the two kids
Background: This "woman" adopted Drannik and Lizzep not because she loves children, but for the tax write-off dependants bring. She not only doesn't care about the kids, but often will leave for days at a time and leaves them all alone. Children's Services won't do anything about it because she either bribes them with money or a blowjob. She sleeps around with almost everybody in town, and does almost every drug in the book. In short, the worst "parent" ever. Currently providing food for worms.


Age: 8(63 in rabbit years)
First Appearance: Negligence #2
Last Appearance: Negligence #511
Likes: Evil, disorder, murder
Dislikes: Everything and everyone else
Background: A rabbit that Drannik found at the orphanage. Drannik believes that McKinley can talk to him, telling him either sagely advice or psychotic orders. Drannik usually never questions whether or not McKinley is really talking to him, but Lizzep and some others know that McKinley is not really the one who's really speaking in Drannik's mind. Recently, Drannik put a stop to McKinley's voice once and for all. Hopefully, this stays true.


Age: 14
First Appearance: Negligence #229
Last Appearance: Negligence #517
Likes: Kids, independence, proving herself, video games
Dislikes: Miley Cyrus, fake people, high school, Elmo (like Drannik)
Background: Mischa is Drannik and Lizzep's on-again, off-again babysitter, and also a source of contention with Lizzep mostly because of how similar they are to each other. Although much older than Drannik, Mischa captures his attention because of how similar she is to Lizzep personality-wise. Mischa is well-liked by almost everyone who meets her, although Lizzep held a grudge against her at first.


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