Apr 10, 2011 Character page up

I've completed the character page for this comic. Go check it out when you get the chance. I need to update some info, as some of it is out of date, but I wanted to make it as soon as possible.

Also, check out the filler and fan art page for some bonus Negligence-related art from myself and others.

Apr 07, 2011 All comics uploaded

I've finally gotten everything uploaded to this site. Hopefully, people will read the little thing I posted on the old site, and actually bother to visit here. In any case, this here be the new home of Negligence. I hope to work more on the character page as soon as I get my own laptop back and not use this crappy loaner.

Apr 01, 2011 Welcome to Negligence

I'm uploading all the old Negligence comics on here as soon as possible. There are over 400 comics, so this may take a couple of days. Anyway, enjoy what on here currently.

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